Providing Real World Training for Global Business Leaders

IntelliSIM is a developer/provider of premier computer-based competitive simulations for business training programs worldwide.

Corporations and graduate business schools use IntelliSIM business simulations to train prospective managers to see beyond their own experiences, before they move on to broader management responsibilities. Since 1996, over twenty thousand participants have benefited from our simulation-based training programs.

IntelliSIM provides complete, high-value service packages at relatively low cost per participant, including:


program and software custom development services,


on-site administration services, and


off-site program support services.

IntelliSIM works with clients and training professionals to develop and administer custom simulations for a wide range of industries, business paradigms, and learning objectives.

In 2015, IntelliSIM will administer simulations on-site and over the Internet to companies and schools on at least three continents.



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