IntelliSIM Simulations for Corporate Training

Employees from over 200 companies worldwide - in industries as diverse as banking, pharmaceuticals, communications, defense, mining, retail, and foods - have benefited from IntelliSIM simulations.

Companies use IntelliSIM simulations to enhance corporate training at many levels:

       Hiring - to evaluate teamwork and problem-solving skills

       Orientation - to reinforce company culture and competencies

       Skills Training - to teach remedial and advanced skills

       Management Training - to explore culture and competitive dynamics

       Industry Analysis Training - to identify key success factors

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The most popular IntelliSIM simulations train current and prospective managers to see beyond their own experiences, both functional and geographic, before they take on to broader management responsibilities.

Combining lectures and case studies with our simulation gives executives opportunities to consider new perspectives, and to try them out at no cost. Lectures and case studies often explore strategy formulation, global alliances, and cross-cultural negotiations. The simulation is the implementation phase, in a realistic, uncertain, competitive environment.

Senior managers can also benefit from our simulated commerce war games, in which industry-specific simulations serve as what-if tools during strategy development sessions.

Recent training topics include:


Global Strategy and Leadership


Technology-based Strategy


Entering New Markets


and others...

Sample Schedule for a Two-day Executive Training Program

  Early morning Late morning Early afternoon Late afternoon
Day 1 Global Strategy Case Simulation Intro and Strategy Formulation Decisions 1 and 2 Decisions 3 and 4
Day 2 Decisions 5 and 6 Decisions 7 and 8 Team Presentations and Debrief Special Projects



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