Global Tycoon Executive Programs Receive High Ratings

"An excellent experience."

"Not just a simulation - a stimulation!"

"The best simulation, no ... the best program!, I ever attended."


Participants Gain Broader, Cross-functional Perspectives in Global Tycoon.

"I went out of my [functional] specialty and learned a lot!"

"The competition was very exciting.  Being in control of a part of the company outside my normal job gave me a completely new perspective.  It was great!"

"The cross functional roles expanded our strategic options considerably."

"[Global Tycoon] reinforced the importance of all functions in the company, and that, if we are to succeed, we must continue to work together as a team with a common mind set."

"I learned a great deal about how to run a company.  One needs to know, definitely, all aspects of running the business."


Participants Compete in a Challenging, Somewhat Uncertain, Multi-national Business Environment.

"Excellent, very practical way to learn about global management."

"Great team-building product!"

"It was very interesting to see the way different groups worked as a team.  There was a wide variety of successful approaches, from relaxed to very intense."


Participants Appreciate the Benefits Gained from Global Tycoon.

"Very real-world stuff."

"Excellent program and very true-to-life business scenarios."

"Excellent approach to learning about, and dealing with, the many complexities associated with running a business in a highly competitive business environment."

"[Global Tycoon] gave an incredibly good perspective of a global business industry.  A great opportunity to learn about business."


Global Tycoon Objectives:   Learn a Lot While Having Fun!

"Not only insightful from a business perspective, but also challenging and enjoyable."

"An excellent [simulation] with valuable lessons.  Friendly to use, challenging, and fun."



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